What is it? Social Benefit refers to the idea that music, the universal language of the human experience, connects us, heals us, and defines us. It adds to the social fabric and livability of communities and improves the overall quality of life for audiences.

What it looks like according to folks we talked to…

  • Music benefits (e.g., strengthening communities, improving local quality of life, aiding healing, enhancing learning outcomes, etc.) are recognized and spoken of

  • Music is intentionally incorporated into cultural and community events (e.g., local Treaty Day celebrations, Culture Days, etc.)

  • Music is understood as a valuable experience that has value to individuals and communities

  • Music festivals become community building events, bringing local citizens out to a shared experience

  • Private sponsorships of music events show the support of local and international businesses

  • Funding helps make music events available to the public for free or at affordable prices

Keep scrolling for ideas and examples of bring the social benefits of music to your corner of Alberta.


Not sure where to start? Look for ideas with the colour associated with your role in the music industry: 




Use music as a social unifier to bring people together and develop culture and community


Information & Examples



Info: Four Ways Music Strengthens Social Bonds (article highlighting the positive effect music has on people and community)

Info: See “Strengthening the Social Fabric” (pages 28-29) for examples of the benefits music has on society in The Mastering of a Music Community



Highlight the success stories of musicians from your region through local news, awards, and events. This can help instill pride in the local community and generate support for emerging artists



Local Example: Local news story highlighting the successes of Airdrie based artist Kyle McKearney and his experience performing at Country Thunder music festival

Local Example: Brief local story highlighting singer/songwriter Tenille Townes’ accomplishments and connection to Grand Prairie

Local Example: The Buffy’s Art Awards in the Wood Buffalo Region (celebrating art of all kinds)

Local Example: The Local AMNA Awards in Airdrie (celebrating art of all kinds).



Incorporate music into your civic events.




Example: A number of local town council members shared that they purposely hire local musicians for city programming/events and even to open sessions.



Explore potential sponsorship opportunities (public and private) for music events—keeping events affordable for a wider audience.




Info: How to Get Sponsorships: The Complete Guide (blog post with tips on how to secure sponsorship for events)

Resource: ATB Sponsorship Guidelines and Criteria (guidelines for ATB event sponsorship)

Resource: FACTOR Music Event Sponsorship (federal funding for music related events)

Resource: RBC Funding Guidelines and Eligibility (RBC sponsorship Guidelines).

Resource: TD Bank Sponsorship Guidelines (guidelines to TD’s Connected Communities sponsorship program)

Resource: Travel Alberta (information on Travel Alberta’s events and festivals fund)



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