West Anthem "Resonant Energies: A Music City Strategy for Edmonton" (May 2024)

West Anthem "Resonant Energies: A Music City Strategy for Calgary" (May 2024)

West Anthem Music City Strategies Phase Three Report (December 2023)

Another report of findings and learning from phase three of the Music City Strategies work. This report summarizes engagement across this year—including connecting with music industry folks from across the province in small groups, 1:1 interviews and through an online survey.

The next phase is strategy writing and toolkit creation. We’re getting to the finish line—which is really only the beginning!

Read the West Anthem Music City Strategies Phase Three Report


West Anthem Music City Strategies Phase Two Report (October 2023)

We’re ready to share the findings from another phase of the Music City Strategies work! The Phase Two Report is short and sweet while summarizing our review of music festivals across the province and potential opportunities relating to them.

Stay tuned as we continue to work toward our music city strategies and a toolkit for smaller Alberta municipalities, our next phase report will look at our engagement work over this year and share findings! 

Read the West Anthem Music City Strategies Phase Two Report

West Anthem Music City Strategies Phase One Report (June 2023)

West Anthem is thrilled to announce the release of the Phase One Report for the Music City Strategies for Alberta’s music ecosystem! Music is a vibrant piece of Alberta’s diversifying economy and provides jazz and jobs, fills concert halls and coffers, and continues to keep Alberta as an amazing place to live and work. 

Along with our partners, the Government of Alberta, Alberta Music and the National Music Centre, this initial report aims to lay the groundwork to elevate Alberta’s music profile and identify a path forward for the music ecosystem in the province.

In the near future, we will be creating unique plans to maximize the impact of music in Edmonton, Calgary and across all of Alberta! 

Read the West Anthem Music City Strategies Phase One Report

West Anthem Music Ecosystem Study (October 2020)


On behalf of the West Anthem steering committee and our stakeholders, we are very excited to be releasing the following music ecosystem study for the advancement of our industry and our province.

This study provides a snapshot of the Edmonton and Calgary music industry pre-pandemic and provides insight into the immense opportunity music provides for the long-term resiliency and vibrancy of our province.

Read the West Anthem Music Ecosystem Study Executive Summary

Read the West Anthem Music Ecosystem Study Final Report

Fertile Ground: Alberta Music Cities Initiative (November 2014)

Alberta has long been a destination for young people from other parts of the country looking for employment opportunities. A resource-based economy, Alberta consistently delivers strong job growth, so much so that the province cannot keep up with the demand for skilled workers.

This Alberta Music Cities Initiative (AMCI) builds on the strong foundation present in Alberta in live and recorded music. The AMCI was developed while keeping in mind key national priorities for the development of music as well as current strategic directions of agencies and commissions in Alberta including Alberta’s Cultural Industries Division, Calgary Arts Development Authority, Edmonton Arts Council, and The Banff Centre.

Published by the National Music Centre, The Fertile Ground report demonstrates that it is the right time for a coordinated, collaborative focus on music in Alberta. This report outlines four key strategies, starting with a collection of important information about the music sector in order to better understand Alberta’s music story, including its strengths and weaknesses.  This information can be found in West Anthem’s Music Ecosystem Study (October 2020).

Read Fertile Ground: The Alberta Music Cities Initiative Study


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