Music Canada Live, Alberta Music Cities and the Value of Music

Early last week Erin Benjamin, Executive Director at Music Canada Live, gave a Keynote Address at the first AMC Luncheon Speaker Series in Edmonton and Calgary, giving listeners a glimpse at the significant impact music has had around the world. A key message was the previously unknown economic value of live music. Recents studies show live music contributing 4.1 billion pounds to the UK economy through tourism alone, with a  1.2 billion dollar GDP impact in Ontario.

In a speech peppered with positive outcomes, eye-opening stats and success stories, there was one common theme that was clear – Music and Economics work together. Alberta Music Cities intends to build on key music assets that already exist in our province to grow the activity in the music economy, inspired by the success stories we see in other places that have taken the music business seriously.

The examples are numerous: music has to power to maximize and diversify the economy. For Alberta to realize the same results, we must do a few key things.

“Take a hard look at the relationship between live music and the Alberta economy and work with the industry here to influence what we have, what we can build and what will follow when we do.”

Most important, it is time to “take music out of the culture box, and put it in the business conversation.”

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