Fertile Ground Report

In early 2014, NMC approached Music Canada, a national non-profit trade organization, on taking a critical look at the music landscape in Alberta. The report focused on breaking music out of the cultural box, and into the general consciousness of Alberta’s economic leaders.

The report concludes with four key recommendations for the growth and development of the commercial music industry in Alberta:

  • Develop a comprehensive understating of the economic profile of Alberta’s music cluster, with regional breakouts for Calgary and Edmonton as well as other smaller cities as appropriate.
  • Position music as a key economic sector, a vehicle for the diversification of Alberta’s economy, and a tool that municipalities can use to stimulate economic growth, increase investment, retain youth, and drive tourism.
  • Develop and implement a strategic plan to build the business capacity of the music industry in Alberta.
  • Develop and implement a live music strategy for Alberta to improve the live music product offering in Alberta and generate increased music tourism.

Click here to download the 2014 Fertile Ground report.


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