Calgary’s Bridgeland is Alberta’s songwriting ‘hood!

There are a lot of ingredients needed to make a music city. At the top of the list? Musicians!

SOCAN has recently released a study of Canada’s top neighbourhoods for music creation, specifically, the places that songwriters and composers call home. In Alberta, Calgary’s Bridgeland is at the top of the list.

Check out the full report here.

Check out the Calgary Herald article on Bridgeland here.

How do studies like these help us understand the dynamics and benefits of music cities? SOCAN’s Berthoff tells the Herald that the numbers are important because “they really point to that ecosystem — the economy of music. Where music is made and then played, the trickle-down effect is really strong economically. We really see these neighbourhoods doing well overall and prospering and it’s no coincidence that music is playing a great role in that. Music creators play a key role in their communities as cultural entrepreneurs.”

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